After careful consideration, the decision has been made for Cougar Systems, LLC to phase out the Cougar Fuel Systems business unit. With respect to how this decision will impact current activity and existing Cougar Fuel Systems installations, please see below:

Currently Booked Activity: Cougar System, LLC will complete and support all currently booked Cougar Fuel Systems sales projects.

Engineering & Design Activity: Cougar Systems, LLC will no longer offer system design assistance on fuel oil systems; however, through June of 2017 we will review and potentially quote on any project that is out for bid with Cougar Fuel Systems as the basis of design.

Existing Cougar Fuel Systems: Cougar Systems, LLC will continue to support and service all existing Cougar Fuel Systems installations.


Current Activity: Daniel Leos / (346) 270-2070 / dleos@cougar-us.com

Existing Systems / Fuel Controls Questions / Issues: Steve Hale / (346) 270-2070 / shale@cougar-us.com